Sopore and Baramullah

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Sopore is a border town that is located between India and Pakistan. This is the center of all activities and the town which Pakistan claims it owns. It has seen extreme violence in the past few months, but the region has calmed down now. This is the most beautiful place in Kashmir with the prettiest people who you will not see anywhere else in India.

Although this place has heavy military presence, they do not bother tourists. The locals are very friendly. You can reach the Mont Nebo from her which is also known as the heaven on earth by a few historical Indian rulers. It is located in the district of Baramullah. The place is famous for the local bakers who bake the famous varieties of Kashmir bread. Tourists are welcome in the bakeries and its interesting to see the bakers using the same techniques used by their great grand fathers to bake breads. This town is built around the Jhelum River which flows through the middle of the town. The town is filled with lush green trees and houses which are unique to this place. The food here is classic Kashmiri food, unlike in other places which has mixed with the Indian cuisine.

The locals are friendly, but it is advised to check the political situation in this town before visiting it. Since the politicians can call for a lockdown of the entire town when ever they feel like. To reach Sopore you will have to begin from Srinigar. It is just a 30 minute drive from Srinigar. Sopore does not have any airports of its own, hence this is the shortest possible distance. Avoid going in the months of November and December which is the season of Winter. The winters are harsh and accommodated by snow and negative temperatures.

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