Golden Meadows of Sonmarg

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Anyone who is planning a trip to Kashmir should include Sonmarg on his or her itinerary. Known for its natural beautify, the city is home to some unique opportunities to explore the beauty and wonder that is so inherently thought of when one imagines Kashmir.

Sonmarg is known among world travelers for its access to adventure sports as well as its beautiful vistas. While it is possible to travel to this stunning city at any time of the year, locals believe it is at its peak of perfection between May and September. November, December and January are nice months to visit the city as well.

One of the most popular attractions offered by this region is the ‘Golden Meadows.” In fact, Sonmarg literally means Gold Garden. In the spring months, the entire region is flooded with bright yellow gold flowers known as crocuses. In addition to the beautiful spring flowers, travelers to this region are treated to gorgeous views with include alpine forests and mountain peaks covered in snow.

The area of Sonmarg is well known for it many adventure sports. Skiing, hiking, fishing, camping and white water rafting are just a few of the options that a traveler can choose from. Anyone interested in outdoor sports is likely to find a perfect outlet in this gorgeous area.

No trip to Kashmir is complete without a few days spent in the golden land of Sonmarg. The beautiful city, gorgeous natural attractions and every outdoor sport known to man make it the ideal place to visit while in Kashmir.

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