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As the European need for the Asian spice trade grew, many Europeans began exploring and colonizing the East Indies. The lure of spices such as saffron, cardamon, and cinnamon gave many Westerners reason to trade with Asia. We know of the well established land trading route through Asia for spices, and Christopher Columbus’s attempts to find a new route via the ocean to get to the East Indies. When the British Empire began exploring and colonizing India, they found a rare, beautiful, priceless region called Kashmir. This rich, verdant land boasted spices, a unique culture, and vibrant cuisine. Today, the region of Kashmir is still highly desired and prized. Even the though British have relinquished claim on these region, both India and Pakistan are fighting over this region for its beauty, natural resources, and all of its unique cultural offerings.

Like other places in India and Pakistan, Kashmir has a unique cultural vibe. Unlike India with its mostly Hindu population, Kashmir boasts a high percentage of followers of the Nation of Islam. Religious affiliations play a huge role in the best thing about any ethnic groups—its food! Since Kashmir was and still a part of the spice trading business, many of the local delicacies are heavily spiced creations since cardamon, saffron, cumin seeds are so abundant for the local cooks in this area. Any visitor should a make a habit of eating like a local since the best way to understand a particular culture.

Since this particular region was controlled by the British, tourist should visit some of the villages that were British strongholds. This will provide and excellent lesson about the colonization period and its influence upon the people of Kashmir. Kashmir has such a rich and bountiful history and cuisine that visit should be on everyone’s travel list. Some other tips that would be helpful to overseas travelers would be to remember that the outlets are different, to pack light due to baggage fees on airplanes, and to carry all reputable insurance cards from your 21st century insurance to your health insurance cards, you never know what can happen on vacation. The best thing to do is be prepared.

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