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If you have not visited the region of Kashmir, you cannot consider yourself a world traveler. The area is unique and filled with culture, natural attractions and some of the most beautiful scenery in the world. Anybody who considers himself or herself well traveled must include Kashmir on their travel itinerary. From its long and rich history to its modern amenities, Kashmir is quickly becoming a favorite tourist spot for many people.

One of the best things about Kashmir is how varied it is. Throughout the countryside, visitors to the area have access to one of the widest ranges of activities. From culturally attractions to modern festivals, planning the perfect tourist trip to Kashmir simply means spending a bit of time trying to narrow down the list of possibilities.

There are several spots that cannot be missed for any reason. For example, Srinagar is worth a trip in and of itself, but visitors to Srinaar have easy access to some of Kashmir’s most beautiful lakes like Nagin Lake and Dal Lake. Several of the Mughal Gardens are nearby as is the famous Shankaracharaya Temple. Many tourists are attracted to the city itself for its culture and beauty.

Pahalgam is ideal for those interested in a little bit of adventure. While all of Kashmir is available for adventure seekers, Pahalgam offers tourists access to white water rafting, Alpine skiing, horse riding, hiking and fishing.

Sonmarg, or the Golden Meadow,’ is perhaps the best destination for those interested in the simple beauty of Kashmir. The area is surrounded by mountains and is simply stunning. A similar area, Patnitop, offers visitors stunning vistas, which include pine forests and fresh water springs.

While all of Kashmir is beautiful, there are several areas that cannot be missed. Anyone traveling to the area should be sure to include one or more of these hotspots in their itinerary. Failing to do so means failing to experience everything that Kashmir has to offer.

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