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Kashmir is also known as “earth’s paradise”! It is splendid with angelic beauty throughout and attracted the tourists globally unceasingly. Kashmir is located in the extreme northern area of India. It is believed to be a lake in ancient times which was drained by the Great Rishi Kashyap. He then asked Bharmans to settle down, the class still inhabits the valley in majority. It has been a seat of Sanskrit scholars and Buddhist leanings. Kashmir was ruled by muslims emperors for a long period of time. The great mughal emperor, Ashoka has been credited for finding Srinagar.

The government has offered various convenient means of travel to Kashmir for tourists including air travel offered by major airlines, rail transport from all the linked cities to Jammu and excellent road links to major cities through national highways.

Kashmir is flourished with cultural ethnicity. It is home for six languages and a pilgrimage for Muslims and Hindus. Surrounded by Himalayan ranges, it renders no sight un-relished. The decorated houseboats are a major attraction. The splendid temples, mosques, rivers, placid lakes, carved gardens; monasteries would never let anyone go without praise for their charm. Gulmarg and Sonmarg are two of the most picturesque hot spots hill stations to be visited. These stations are surrounded with mountains, giving a pleasure view in summers with rivers flowing and go all white in winters. Pahalgam is known as shephard’s village with mountains and rivers around. Ponies can be hired for travel on the terrains at all the three spots. Because of these qualities Kashmir is called heaven on earth. It is such a beautiful place to enjoy holidays and see the beauty at its best by nature. The two hindu pilgrimages, Vaishno devi and Amarnathji are amongst the most praised shrines situated in Jammu & Kashmir. Wishing you a wonderful travel to Kashmir, Bon voyage!

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