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Kashmir is a place in the northwestern part of a subcontinent where India and Pakistan like to argue over territory. And in spite of a lot of trouble over who owns this lovely little parcel of land, no one really sure. While there was an election back in 1987, no one can say whether it was a legitimately honest election. And because of this possibility of shady execution, the Indians and the Pakistanis have been fighting and protesting for decades over who owns the place. Perhaps it would do some good for both sides if they just ended up flipping a coin, or allowed their best athletes to compete against one another in games that both countries are renowned (and proud) of. But in the interim, until these two countries can find some method of finally resolving the ownership of this area, this lovely place is covered in the grime of strife.

Kashmir has had two elections which may have been rigged: one back in 1952, and one back in 1987. Both times, there have been peaceful protests from Indians, and fighters of various kinds from both countries. While many of the fighters from Pakistan are just mercenaries, and not their actual army, it could still be considered either an intrusion or an occupation of the area. In fact, the Indian army has actually been accused of committing war crimes in their efforts to gain some finality in their control of the area.

What is truly strange about this entire ordeal is how long it has been playing out. Why the two countries have been investing so many resources into having this area is beyond many people’s understanding. Some have said that it began secular and has progressed to being justified through religion. Still others have declared that the entire thing is merely a cover for other reasons that have not come to light in the public eye. Maybe someday the area will have peace.



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