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The cultural significance of Kashmir is great. The people of the region have made great contributions to the world of culture in the form of their oral histories, their native crafts, the written word, science and philosophy. Many people who travel to Kashmir do so specifically to experience the culture and tradition of the area. Throughout the year, various aspects of the culture can be seen at festivals, but the traditions and culture of Kashmir can be seen everyday.

As a rule, people of the region are welcoming and warm. The region is well known for its hospitality. Homes are often made of wood and are warm and welcoming. The local dress is unique as well, with traditional citizens wearing a woolen robe known as phi ran. These are often heavily embroidered with floral motifs. Culturally, religion plays a large role and several are represented throughout the region.

The women of Kashmir are well known for their industrious nature. Many have developed business and sell local crafts to tourists. Items such as the traditional earring, pashmina and pendants are popular items for tourists. The woodwork of the region is also well known and offers tourists another opportunity to purchase a little piece of the area.

Kashmir is an area that is rich in culture. Visiting to the area, a tourist is likely to note the significant impact of several world religions as well as past conquerors of the area. Depending on the region that is visited, a tourist can expect to see a heavy Indian, Chinese or Pakistani influence.

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