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Jammu & Kashmir, India is the fixed to northern most part of India like a glittering crown of India with all its glory and luster. Amidst the snow covered peaks and the labyrinthine valleys of its three chief regions- Ladakh, Kashmir, Jammu - eternity is as much a geographical fact as that of time. Travel to this glorious snow wrapped land of India - Jammu & Kashmir, all dressed up to offer you the most exciting of opportunities to make your stay in India a an unforgettable one. Travel to Kashmir and dwell in the land of varied cultures and customs. Make your off hours more fruitful with a tour to this Switzerland of East. Cover yourself with cosy fabrics of Kashmir sipping the special Kashmiri tea and relish the laziz Kashmiri cuisine and make you tour to Kashmir a perfect success. Kashmir - the garden of India, surrounded by pines amidst the white carpet of snow with beautiful lakes, dotted with luxurious house boats and ancient pilgrimages is perfect place to make you holidays truly profitable.

Anantnag District
This is an official website of Anantnag District, Kashmir. Anantnag is one of the six districts of the Kashmir Valley situated in its south and south western direction.

The city of Baramulla, founded by Raja Bhimsina in 2306 BC held the position of a gate-way to the valley as it was located on the route to the Valley from Muzaffarabad (now in POK) and Rawalpindi (now in Pakistan). As such, a number of prominent visitors have been to Baramulla.

Budgam is the smallest district in J&K, accounting for nearly 1% of the total area of the state and 6% of its population. It is bounded by the districts of Baramulla and Srinagar in the north, Pulwama in the south and the Poonch border in the south-west.

Doda District has a rich history. The district derived its name from its district headquarter Doda. It is said that one of the ancient Rajas of Kishtwar whose dominion extended beyond Doda persuaded one utensil maker Deeda, a migrant from Multan (now in Pakistan), to settle permanently in this territory and set up an utensil factory there.

J&K States Industrial Development Corporation
J&K SIDCO act as a catalyst to inspire and accelerate the industrial development in the State. J&K SIDCO is the nodal agency for promotion & development of medium and large scale Industries in the State.

Jammu district derives its name from the city of Jammu which besides being the winter capital of the state, is known as the city of temples. It is believed that the city was originally founded by Raja Jamboo Lochan who lived in fourteenth century B.C.

Jammu and Kashmir
Jammu and Kashmir came into being as a single political and geographical entity following the Treaty of Amristar between the British Government and Gulab singh signed on March 16, 1846. The Treaty handed over the control of the Kashmir State to the Dogra ruler of Jammu who had earlier annexed Ladakh.

Kargil with a population of 1.25 lakhs is scattered over an area of 14,086 Sq. Km. It is situated at a distance of 205 KM from Srinagar towards Leh. Kargil is called the land of Agas in the present day world. It is due to the fact that Kargil is mostly inhabited by Shia Muslims and Agas are the religious head and preachers.

Kashmir Hotels
Kashmir, the idyllic valley on the foothills of the Himalayas, is justifiably referred to as a Himalayan paradise. Its beauty- the all pervading gentle scent of flowers, cascading rivers, tinkling springs, colorful gardens, thick forests, tranquil blue lakes spotted with houseboats & its snow-capped mountains - is truly celestial.

Kashmir Live
Part of the Indian Express group, Kashmir Live is a leading newspapers in Jammu & Kashmir
Kashmir Observer
Kashmir Observer Online is the global face of the daily Kashmir Observer on the internet. However, Kashmir Observer Online has carved its own niche brand equity and is one of the highest-hit media websites about Kashmir. Apart from focusing on news from the Kashmir region and the South Asian sub-continent, it also provides many value-added and interactive features which are exclusive to the Online edition.

Kashmir Shaivism
The Shaivite Master Swami Lakshman Joo Raina was recognized as the last living pre-eminent exponent of Kashmir Shaivism in the oral tradition until his passing in 1991. In his lifelong dedication to the philosophy and practice of Kashmir Shaivism, he lectured extensively on the subject for the upliftment of all spiritual seekers and to preserve this great tradition for future generations.
Kashmir Virtual Library
This site providing information about Kashmir registered and linked for the World-Wide Web Virtual Library.

Kashmiri Pandits
Kashmiri Pandits, the original inhabitants of the Valley of Kashmir, and have a rich culture and peaceful traditions that we have managed to maintain over five thousand years of recorded history. But today, after years and years of religious persecution, we have been forced to live as Refugees in our country.

Kashmiri-American Council
The Kashmiri-American Council (KAC) is a not-for-profit organization dedicated to raising the level of awareness in the United States about the struggle of the people of Kashmir for self-determination as called for under the United Nations resolutions.

Kathua District is situated at 320 17' to 320 55’ North Latitude and 750 70' to 760 16’ East longitude. The District is surrounded by Punjab in the S-E, Himachal Pradesh in N-E, Doda and Udhampur in North and N-W, Jammu in the West and Pakistan in the S-W. District has an area of 2651 Sq Kms, population of 5.44 Lacs, 5 Assembly Constituencies, 4 Tehsils and 9 Blocks.

Kupwara is the backward frontier District of Kashmir Valley, full of scenic beauty. Dense forests and rich wild life make it significant from tourism and wildlife point of view. Nature has been very kind to Kupwara. District Kupwara was carved out form erstwhile District Baramulla in the year 1979.

Ladakh, a part of Jammu & Kashmir State in north of India consisting of two districts Leh and Kargil. Leh with an area of 45110 Sq Km makes it largest district in the country in terms of area. It lies between 32 to 36 degree North latitude and 75 degree to 80 degree East longitude.

District Poonch which is popularly known as mini Kashmir is the smallest in area and the remotest district of Jammu and Kashmir state. It is bounded by the Actual Line of Control (ALC) from three sides.The ALC is about 103 Kms.

The district Pulwama is reported to be one of the pretty spots on the earth, because of its congenial climate, innumerable springs, streams, water falls, fragrant flowers delicious fruits and other natural sceneries.

The District is situated in the west of Jammu Division and is surrounded by the Poonch, Udhampur and Jammu Districts. The District comprise of 6 Tehsils namely Rajouri, Nowshera, Sunderbani, Kalakote, Koteranka and Thannamandi and 7 Blocks of Rajouri, Manjakote, Darhal, Budhal, Kalakote, Sunderbani and Nowshera.

Register Of Companies
In the year 1989-90 large number of Promoters and Directors belonging to particular community migrated from Kashmir Valley to Jammu and other places in India. The Offices of the Companies belonging to such community are lying closed and their units/Factories were also closed.

Srinagar district is situated in the centre of Kashmir Valley, is surrounded by five districts.In the north it is flanked by Kargil,in the South by Pulwama,in the north-west by Budgam. The capital city of Srinagar,is located 1730 metres above sea level.

This website gives the information about Udhampur district in Jammu and Kashmir.


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